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What is YESS Card Canada?

YESS Card Canada is a local discount program that encourages consumers to maximize their shopping in local stores by providing savings on a daily basis. YESS Card Canada's mission is to unite community spending in order to strengthen local businesses and save residents precious time and money.

Where can I use the YESS Card?

Although YESS Card Canada is based around your local communities, your card is accepted in major cities across Canada. Traveling for business or pleasure? Check the website to find participating stores all over the country. More locations are being added weekly, so check back often! YESS Card Canada has over 8,000 businesses registered to offer great savings, every day. No other discount service offers such a broad range of businesses to choose from.

How do I get my very own YESS Card?

Using our secure online checkout, sign up now and receive instant access to discounts from many of your favourite local stores! Search our site by business category or by stores near you to see where you can start SAVING NOW with the YESS Card.